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Switch on your smarts

If you’re using your gas BBQ or other gas appliance this summer, switch on your smarts to keep you and your whānau safe.

Don’t take risks with gas this summer – unlike me, you’ve only got one life.

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Let air circulate

Gas appliances need lots of fresh air to work properly.

  • Never use outdoor gas appliances indoors or in enclosed spaces such as tents – and especially not anywhere near where people sleep.
  • Always make sure there’s plenty of ventilation when using your installed gas appliance in your caravan or RV. Check that ventilation openings are clear and if in doubt open a window or door.
  • Turn off your appliance if you begin to get a headache or feel sick while using it, and get it checked by a licensed gasfitter.
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Use gas safely

  • Only turn the gas on when you’re ready to light the appliance.
  • Close gas bottle valves when you’re not using appliances.
  • Give your flame room to burn – it should touch no more than the bottom of the pot.
  • Never throw empty gas bottles or canisters in the fire.
  • Camping appliances are mostly designed for outdoor use.
  • If there is a fire, call 111 for the fire service.
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Check for gas leaks

  • When connecting a gas bottle check all connection points for leaks by using a spray bottle of soapy water. If bubbles appear there is a leak.
  • Visually check connection fittings, gas hoses, washers, and o-rings for damage, cracks, or worn rubber seals.
  • Make sure all gas connections are done up tightly.
  • Never interfere with or remove the valve on any gas bottle.
  • Keep your gas bottle upright when you’re using it or storing it.
  • Never use a flame to locate a leak.

Gas do's and don'ts

What you should do

  • Get gas connections, installations, and appliances regularly checked by a licensed gas fitter.
  • Give your flame room to burn – it should touch no more than the bottom of the pot.
  • Keep gas appliances in good condition.
  • Keep the gas bottle away from heat and flames – even if it is empty.
  • If you smell gas, if it's safe to do so turn the gas off. Get people out of the area, turn off all appliances and ventilate the area. Don’t use any electrical devices, including switches and phones, until the air is clear. If you smell gas in an area with no obvious source, call 111.
  • Restrain gas bottles in your caravan so they can’t move around while you’re travelling.

What you shouldn't do

  • Never use the gas cooker as a heater.
  • Never use home-made appliances or connections.
  • Never use damaged or corroded gas bottles or appliances. LPG is stored under pressure and a faulty gas bottle could leak. Check for dents or corrosion, especially around the base. If you're unsure about your appliance, get a licensed gasfitter to check it out and service or replace it.
  • Don’t attempt to repair or remove your gas bottle valve. If it sticks or gets damaged, tell the supplier.
  • Don’t try to fill your own gas bottle – only trained people using special equipment can do this safely.
  • Never use a gas bottle when you’re on the move.