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Stay safe around electricity and gas this winter

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Don’t sleep on electric blanket safety

Faulty electric blankets can cause fires, so check yours for hot spots before you get it on the bed. Before you put your electric blanket on your bed, turn it on high for 15 minutes, then turn it off and run your hand over it. If there are any bits that feel unusually hot, replace it.

And make sure you always switch your electric blanket off before you get into bed.

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Heat up, chill out

Heaters can help you stay toasty, but there are a few simple rules for using them safely: make sure there's always a metre of space around them, never put anything over them, and plug them straight into the wall, not into multiboards.

When you're done with your heater, don't forget to switch it off. 

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Leave gas to the experts

Any repair, maintenance or installation of gas appliances needs to be done by a licensed gasfitter. Don't even consider doing it yourself – DIYing anything with gas is not only unsafe, it’s against the law.

If you ever smell gas inside, don’t muck around. Immediately get everyone outdoors and call 111, or your gas supplier. 

Download and share our safety checklist

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Winter safety checklist

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