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Let’s stop energy risks before they become a problem, shall we?

I’m Claude, your risk-hunting feline friend. I’m here to remind you of a few tips when it comes to gas and electricity use over summer.

Switch on your smarts and take a sec to check.

Remember – unlike me, you only have one life.

- Claude (Risk-Hunter)

Stay safe around
gas this summer

Find out how

Check before you DIY

Find out how

Print a poster

Sometimes we all need a reminder to take a sec to check. Print these posters to help your customers stay safe.

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Unlike me, you've only got one life

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Take a sec to check – Gas safety

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Take a sec to check – DIY

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Tips and tricks for energy safety

Be smart with gas

  • Check for gas leaks every time you change your gas bottle. Apply soapy water to the gas bottle connections – if bubbles appear, there is a leak.
  • Don’t ignore a smell of gas. Find the leak and get it fixed – it could save your life and protect your property.
  • Gas appliances need lots of fresh air to operate safely and efficiently.
  • Gas appliances designed for use outdoors should never be used indoors.
  • Check for underground gas pipes before digging.
  • If you’re using your installed gas cooker in a confined place like a caravan or RV, make sure there’s plenty of ventilation.
  • Keep looking while cooking. Never leave cooking food unattended.

Electricity safety

  • Don’t ignore an RCD safety switch that keeps tripping. Find the cause and get it fixed it – it could save your life.
  • Take care while working near powerlines.
  • Check for underground powerlines before digging.
  • When you’re buying a new electrical product, check that it is suitable for New Zealand’s voltage (230 volts) and has a New Zealand plug with insulated pins.
  • Don’t overload power boards/multi-boards.
  • Always use an RCD safety switch when working outside and especially in wet areas.
  • Only use electric vehicle charging cord sets supplied by the vehicle manufacturer or by an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturer.